Fundraising Activities

Fundraising Activities | Hard & Soft Benefits

Fundraising activities are always a tricky balance. You want to provide a challenge or activity that is interesting, fun to do as well as incentivising people to attend your event.

We have been managing and developing fundraising activities for many years. In that time we have developed a great number of exciting activities that drives customer engagement, helping to loosen the purse strings in order to support your worthy cause.

In 80-85% of occasions our services are self funding+. That is to say you make your investment cost back with a profit. We call this the hard benefit. Hard benefits are obvious, you know what you’ve spent, and you know exactly what’s come back!

Fundraising Activities | Soft Benefits

The soft benefits are present in both scenarios, money back with a profit or a slight shortfall. The soft benefits must not be undervalued! We without doubt increase the footfall to your event. We have found that people come just to enjoy the games or challenges we provide. That means that when they are onsite, they will spend on other offerings.

Trying to work out how much additional money people spend and on what else is too difficult to determine. So, as a conservative estimate we would assume 70% spend say another £10 on other attractions that you provided on the day.

Cost Examples

Below shows how much it would cost to hire our services per person. Plus, an estimated Soft Spend for other offerings such as food and drinks ect…

Zorb Football | Nerf Wars

Game for up to 20 people in a 60 min session – £300
Equals £15 per person
Soft Spend on the day £140

          * That’s 46% of our cost! 

Game for up to 30 people in a 90 min session – £350
Equals £11.66 per person
Soft Spend on the day £210

         * That’s 60% of our cost!

Game for up to 40 people in a 120 min session – £400
Equals £10 per person
Soft Spend on the day £280

          * That’s 70% of our cost!

Striking the Balance

Wolf Active provide a wide range of games and activities that have been proven to create great interest and engagement from those attending fundraising events. Schools, Charities, Social Clubs and more, like to regularly raise money for worthy causes. Engaging the services of Wolf active to provide a single or multiple event strategy will add some great entertainment to the day.

Don’t worry, we get it!…

The feeling of paying for Wolf Active to create, staff and manage the games and activities your patrons would like, to be a little counter intuitive, an added concern in the planning of the day. We also understand the dilemma “will we make our money back and more besides?” – after all, that’s the main reason for investing time and energy in a fund raising event.

We have been successfully providing fundraising activities for many years. We are confident that using our service will greatly enhance your event and at very little cost, whilst helping you to raise money.