Human Table Football – Fun!

Human Table Football simply a great fun activity for up to 22 players, 11 aside. It’s also a wonderful way to help people develop the value of team-working and communication.

Firstly, two teams of five are fastened into fixed positions. Laugh as players discover they can only move sideways as a group to reach the ball.

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Each team has five players on each side, and by working together you have to score as many goals as you can. However, in the same way as conventional table football, players hold onto bars which run across the pitch. It requires teamwork and means that if you want to move left or right to get the ball, so do the others on your bar!

Human table football requires more teamwork, coordination and communication than its real or table-top equivalent. It’s fantastic fun and it can be played by all abilities and ages.

We cater for larger events and can create a Human Table Football tournament based on a knockout format, or we can play a Champions league format, teams play each other gaining points for a win.

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