School Sports Day

Were your school days your best days?  Are you looking for an event that relives the old days, is action packed full of nostalgia and gives that competitive bite again?

Wolf Active will help you to turn back the clock to your Primary School years to once again enjoy the Old School Sports Day!

Groups are created “House Teams” who compete against each other across a variety of games. Each players score points for his or hers own team, and the team with the most points at the end of the games are crowned champions!

Prizes are up for grabs and awarded in true Sports Day traditions. However, we are more than happy to adopt any type of reward system promoted by the organisers or school.

In playing in our Sports Day games, our friendly and fully trained event coordinators will make sure your day is a fantastic success with lots of fun for all.

The games played are designed for all children of differing ages and abilities to enjoy. We pride ourselves on providing the best days for children, days that they can remember for years to come.

Our team have a long history of staging events and games for young people, we have a great formula we believe works!

Call us for more details on Tel;  0203 633 2155